About Us

This is the brain child of a couple who have a streak of adventure in them and of course some enterprise. Besides these, they have the basic requirement - that of a deep and abiding interest in carnatic classical music and its rich heritage.

This website endeavours to focus attention primarily on the musical scene in Chennai and will attempt to write in a simple and lucid language the charms that permanently emanate from our sabta swaras - the seven notes that form the colours of various ragas and create virtual magic of sound and rhythym and beauty in music. The dream is to make this platform a centrepiece of awareness of not only the glorious traditions of carnatic music and its multi-lingual geniuses who give soul-filling satisfaction to thousands of lovers of classical music, but also to provide a platform for informed debate and discussions on various aspects of carnatic music and other Indian musical forms.

SUDHA JAGANNATHAN and K.T.JAGANNATHAN are both keen lovers of classical music. Besides taking keen interest in the art form, they are also into learning to play the flute and veena. Quite apart from their common interest in music, Sudha has also shown enterprise as a journalist writing on the musical scene in Chennai, not merely attending concerts and reviewing them but also meeting the creators of music-- the artistes.

In the last two years or so, she has contributed articles, reviews and interviews on music concerts, musicians and other personalities, who enrich the classical carnatic music and in the process provide immeasurable listening pleasure, in various forums like Sify.com and Chennai Online.

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T.M.ANANTHARAMAN, the third founder-member involved in the project, is a retired senior journalist who has over the years written about music and the arts in The Times of India, The Business Standard, The Gulf Times, Doha-Qatar and in the Carnatic section of Sify.com. He has a vast treasure trove of musical collections (Carnatic and Hindustani vocal and instrumental cassettes and discs) including Hindi film music, especially collections of the golden era of Hindi film music of 1950s to 1990s.

This triumverate have embarked on an exciting journey with creation of website Carnatic Darbar. The intention is to provide wholesome comments on the musical scene in Chennai and the South primarily and later expand it to cover other thriving art centres in the country.

We enter with commitment and devotion.We are beginning in a small way with some interesting features. We hope you like it. We seek your blessings-- the readers-- to make this journey an enjoyable effort for one and all.

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