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Nama Sankirthanam a big treasure for GenNext, says Sri Gopi Bhagavathar
 Chennai  25-02-2020 

Sri Gopi is also the founder of Bhagavan Naama Prachara Mandali Trust at Nungambakkam. In Sampradhaya bhajans, ragam, thalam and melam were important, he said. More important than all these was the ability to demonstrate the bhava and bhakthi, he added.

Namasankirtanam is best way to promote peace, says Udaiyalur Kalyanaraman
 Chennai  25-02-2020 

Namasankirtanam, also called “Kirtan Yoga”, is the best way to beat stress and overcome tension. It assumes greater significance at a time when the Indian economy and corporates have started seeing the adverse effect of global crisis with threats of downsizing, pink slips, lay-offs looming large.

Carnatic music, a tool to connect to Indian roots, says Dr. Thangam Parameswaran
 Chennai  03-03-2020 

In recent years, there is a surge in the number of music lovers, young and older, in Canadian cities striving to learn this type of music as can be inferred from the enthusiasm of audience observed in Carnatic concerts by skilled artistes.

Music is all about experiencing, says Ram Vasudevan
 Bengaluru  18-06-2020 

Ram Vasudevan is among the current generation musicians, who is deeply immersed in our traditions and culture, especially in championing the cause of Tamil isai and Carnatic music.