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When music plays the moderator
 Chennai  17-02-2020 

In the self-built cocoon of a secure life-style, I unwittingly got myself immersed in the assumed sense of importance. When I was not noticed, I felt ignored and slighted.

Living a mother's dream
 Chennai  17-02-2020 

Our mindset was so inflexible those days. To think of a girl from an orthodox Brahmin family taking up to music as a profession and give concerts on stage was taboo. Even the very thought on this sort of endeavour was frowned upon.

The Power of Recall
 Chennai  17-02-2020 

Not that I claim I know a lot now. But now at least I know that music is a vast, deep and magnificent ocean. Plunging its depth one can uncover veritable jewels in all its splendorous colours, sparkling with its myriad moods and melodies.

From seed to tree and still growing
 Chennai  17-02-2020 

I don’t quite recall my first brush with art, given my penchant for singing along with my aunt whose only leisure activity apart from home-management was singing.

Freeing Carnatic music from past fetters
 Chennai  20-02-2020 

Many vocalists, violin vidwans and percussion artistes and musicians are using the Internet to have regular teaching courses, exchange information and ideas and share in their experiences of the art.

Music, Kids And God
 Chennai  20-02-2020 

After initial reticence, they open up slowly. Each one is keen to out-compete the other in answering us. Like us, these kids too have come to have the Lord's darshan. They have come from a nearby village.

Kirtan yoga, best way to beat stress
 Chennai  25-02-2020 

Sri Adi Sankaracharya, born in Kaladi in Kerala 2050 years ago, by his famous “ Bhaja Govindam” rejuvenated the whole system of worship and gave a new fillip to our customs and culture. The 31-verse text has a wonderful message for every one in life.

Where the Lord listens to Veena recital
 Chennai  26-02-2020 

Every morning, Divya Prabanda Pasurams of Tondaradipodi Azhwar, “Tiruppalli Ezhucchi”, is played in ragas such as Bhoopalam, Bilahari, Dhanyasi, Malayamarutham and Saveri.

Vikram Gaud, the man with a mission By Mallika Jayanti
 Hyderabad  28-02-2020 

Basically having a theatrical background, one cannot help gaping at the huge collage on the side wall of his office that is crowded with photographs of his achievements. One also cannot help wondering about his unwavering commitment to other arts too.

When music engulfs the air
 Chennai  28-02-2020 

It was refreshing to see the hall packed, with assorted people. That they have come to hear Carnatic music, casting aside many other distraction-entertainments available aplenty in this fast-phased life, is a happy augury. Who said that we are moving backward culturally?

Carnatic music & secular fan
 Chennai  28-02-2020 

Art is not just an expression of creative talent. It is also a well-evolved time-tested traditional tool to unify and foster a sense of tranquility, peace and friendship. Artistes have a role and a responsibility too. Art is subtle, indeed. And, there are very many subtle ways for an artiste to communicate.

Selling Season December
 Chennai  28-02-2020 

According to a rough estimate, over 1,000 concerts are held during the season - which comprises the whole of December and a small portion of January (considered the month of Marghazi, according to the Tamil calander).

Bismillah & Benares
 Bengaluru  25-03-2020 

What was mesmerizing for me was the childish glee with which Khan Saheb narrated incidents from his childhood times.

Kirtan yoga, best way to beat stress
 Chennai  01-06-2020 

Also called Namasankirtan, Kirtan Yoga has proved to be the best way to immerse oneself into Bhakthi and seek the blessings of the Supreme Power.