Guru TVG lives the life of a nada yogi, says Devie Neithiyar

By K.T. Jagannathan
Chennai: 09-06-2021 1:03AM
Last Updated: 10-06-2021 1:04AM

Devie Neithiyar

Devie Neithiyar is a senior disciple and foster-daughter of Vidwan T.V. Gopalakrishnan. Having been groomed meticulously by him, she has carved herself a niche as a multi-genre vocalist in South India. In this interaction, she explains the genius in her guru. Excerpts:

Describe T.V. Gopalakrishnan the person?

Larger than life!

Where do you place the musician in him?

The musician Dr.TVG is in each of his breath.

How is he different from the rest of his peers?

His openness and inclusiveness of anything that is musical without any bias or predilection, his deep sensitivity and allegiance to aesthetics, his ever-flowing desire to share his knowledge to all and his ability to see any and all his disciples as his gifts him a pedestal much higher than his peers.

 He is an artist, teacher, researcher and what not. What fits him the best?

None of his facets are independent or disconnected. All his facets are inter-linked and complimentary to each other. He is all of these and more, rolled into one. He is a genius.

Is he a purist or an inclusive musician?

Anything ‘pure’ is devoid of pre-disposition - it is ‘all-encompassing’. Guruji, in that sense, is indeed a purist.

 What do these three letters (TVG) stand for you?

The Versatile Grandeur!

What is uniquely different in his approach to the cause of music?

His eagerness to identify and promote genuine talents, his innate desire to provide opportunities for any aspiring musician to live and lead a life in music and his penchant to reach out to different age groups, especially the youth, to enable them reap the benefits of being in music is indeed awe-inspiring.

What should one learn from him?

His incomparable adherence to discipline and hard work, his child-like enthusiasm to learn and live life to the fullest, his genuine humility, his acute sense of humour and how he adorns the pedestal of a true “GURU” in teaching not just music but about life itself, leading by example.

What makes him the tall personality in the world of music?

The fact that he lives the life of a NADA YOGI in its truest sense!