Vivikta Natural Essentials teams up with www.carnaticdarbar.com & MLV Rasigar Mandram to host e-music festival

By Our Special Correspondent
Chennai: 15-05-2020 10:05PM
Last Updated: 15-05-2020 10:06PM

The world has turned upside down ever since a virus of an unknown variety has spread across continents and brought the entire globe to an absolute standstill. Many nation states have gone in for a long drawn out lock-down. Social distancing is considered essential to break the virus curve. Surely, the world is getting into a new normal. In the meanwhile, the lock-down has turned life topy-turvy for everybody. And, the music world, too, is experiencing the lock-down impact. Post-coronavirus, the way music is disseminated will undergo a major metamorphosis. With the advancement in technology, the musicians and the listeners alike, however, still can connect and be in effective communication. Thankfully, technology is a big blessing for everybody in this music chain. And, the virus-induced lock-down has forced all of us to explore multi-various options in realizing our musical quest. This is an opportunity for all of us to come together to resolve with stronger conviction to carry the musical tradition forward in an unhindered way for the benefit of all stakeholders. With this larger cause in mind, Vivikta Naturals has come up with an e-Music Festival. Vivikta Natural Essentials, which is engaged in the task of providing people in this fast-paced world a differentiating support with natural ingredients to inject a sense of vitality to their living, has teamed up with MLV Rasigar Mandram and www.carnaticdarbar.com (a news portal exclusively for Carnatic music) to present you with e-Music Festival. And, watch out this space for more information.