Pallavi festival in Chennai

By Special Correspondent
Chennai: 03-04-2022 8:23PM
Last Updated: 15-04-2022 8:23PM

A Pallavi Ustavam is currently under way at C.P. Ramasamy Road in Chennai to commemorate the birth anniversary of musician and guru, Suguna Purushothaman. She is known for composing and performing pallavis in rare talas.

The Utsavam began on April 2, and will continue till April 4.

On the opening day, a talk titled “Inspiration for creating Pallavis” was held. This was followed by a concert by Bharathkumar Varadachari. On April 3, Delhi Muthukumar’s concert was preceded by a talk on “Inspiration from Prof. T.R. Subramaniam’s Pallavis”. The final day will feature a talk on “Inspirations from Suguna Purushothaman’s Pallavis”. This will be followed by a concert by K. Gayathri.