Dance duo Bhadra and Gayathri to perform at Soorya Festival

By Special Correspondent
Chennai: 01-11-2022 11:55PM
Last Updated: 01-11-2022 11:56PM

They are from high-profile professions which don’t allow freedom to relax. Yet, they have managed to pursue their passion. They have gone on to become performing artists. They have a mission. They are keen not just to celebrate but also spread India's deep-rooted divine wisdom and its relevance.  They are doing it in dance form and that too in Bharatanatyam format. Meet Bhadra and Gayathri. The dancing duo from Delhi began training in Bharatanatyam from an early age, and has continued to pursue advanced training in this art form under Dr. Ratheesh Babu.

Bhadra is a journalist by profession, and has worked with leading mainstream media such as the Times of India, Indian Express and Hindustan Times.  Gayathri is a corporate leader in communications and CSR, and has worked with several leading brands.

They have performed at a number of prestigious festivals across the country. The artists will be performing at the Soorya Festival 2022 on November 2 at Ganesham, Trivandrum. They will present a medley of tributes to Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu and Aiyappa.

The two have collaborated with Padma Shri Dr. Niru Kumar to create a special presentation called ‘He-for-She’ highlighting gender equality as depicted by the age-old philosophy of ‘Adhanaarishwara’. This is a part of their effort to highlight and reflect modern-day issues.

They also conceptualised and independently staged a special dance-drama production, “Sitayana”, bringing together the classical dance form and contemporary English monologues presented with versatile ‘abhinaya’ in Bharatanatyam style. An interpretation of Sita’s poignant journey and its relevance in the struggles and life experiences of modern-day women, this production was staged at the Sangeet Natak Akademi and various other platforms.