Deiveega Isai Payanam, a book on select compositions of Ram Kumar released

By A Special Correspondent
Chennai: 02-06-2022 6:58PM
Last Updated: 02-06-2022 6:59PM

A book containing 100 compositions of Thiruvalampozhil K Ram Kumar on various deities and Kshetrams was released here on Sunday last.

The book was released by Mr. Justice V. Ramasubramanian, a Judge of the Supreme Court, at a function held in The Music Academy.

The book-release event was organised under the auspices of TKR Music Trust.

Mr. R. Seshasayee, Vice-Chairman, Hinduja Group, was the guest of honour. He received the first copy of the book.

Mr. Justice Ramasubramanian showered praise on Ram Kumar for his efforts. In one of his compositions, he had vividly captured the history and importance of Aavudayar Koil, he said.  “It is not possible to capture it so precisely without God’s grace. "When the importance of the history is captured in the lyrics, it evokes interest in the listener’s mind to seek further knowledge,’’ Mr. Justice Ramasubramanian said.

Mr. Seshasayee lauded the efforts of Mr. Ram Kumar in composing sahityam on deities so many temples with ease with the concept of 'one God’ though different ideologies existed. 

Mr. Ram Kumar holds a senior position in the corporate world. 

Mr. Seshasayee hoped that Ram Kumar's professional work would not deter him from writing several sahithyams on deities of various temples and contributing richly to Tamil literature. That would go a long way in instilling a sense of interest in the minds of people to visit these temples.

Mr. Ram Kumar has composed over 250 sahityam out of which 100 songs have been tuned and sung. These 100 songs have been published and released in his first book titled “Deiveega Isai Payanam”. Out of the 100 songs, Dr. R Ganesh tuned and sung 90 sahithayams while the balance was completed by Dr. Subhashini Parthasarathy. During the book-release function, 11 music albums were also released by Mr. Justice Ramasubramanian

The recorded songs can be heard in Mr. Ram Kumar’s YouTube Channel “TKR Music India”. The e-book containing lyrics of 100 sahityam can be downloaded from www.tkrmusic.org.


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Comment: Very well written. As I was present I could easily visualize the words in scenic form. Good luck for more & more blessings of the Almighty.