Fund-raiser for Forests by Heartfulness features violin concert by Ganesh & Kumaresh

By Special Correspondent
Chennai: 21-11-2022 5:49PM
Last Updated: 21-11-2022 5:49PM

Forests by Heartfulness (FBH) is a project aimed to planting at least 30 million native and endemic trees across India by 2025. A team of forestry, agro-forestry and climate experts are guiding the project. Under their guidance, as a first step, nurseries are being developed in 18 cities across the country. Saplings of carefully selected tree and plant species are raised in these nurseries during non-plantation season every year between October & May. Mass plantation of these saplings takes place every year between June – September (monsoon) and January – February (late winter). This will be carried out by the Heartfulness volunteers, farmers, NGOs, school children and general public. Planted saplings will be effectively monitored and nurtured by providing optimum conditions for growth to ensure high survival rate.Heartfulness Institute is a non-profit organization teaching meditation to millions of people across 5000 centers in over 160 countries (www.heartfulness.org). Heartfulness Meditation is offered on a free of cost basis everywhere. The Heartfulness App is also used by hundreds of thousands of people daily supporting their holistic well-being and conscious lifestyle.

 Heartfulness organised a fundraiser concert for Forests by Heartfulness (FBH). The concert saw  the violin duo brothers Ganesh and Kumaresh giving a scinitaling concert on November 20 in Chennai.  The event took place under the blessings of Guide of Heartfulness Meditation Worldwide - Shri Kamlesh Patel, fondly called Daaji who joined the concert virtually. Also present were mridangist  T. V. Gopalakrishnan and dancer Padma Subrahmanyam. The concert that was held at Narada Gana Sabha.

The contributions raised through this event will be donated to Forests by Heartfulness (FBH). It will fund their commitment plant 30 million trees by 2025.

 Ganesh and Kumaresh have been practitioners of Heartfulness meditation and are amongst the most prominent patrons of the FBH Initiative.

 The maestros also unveiled The Wisdom Bridge – Daaji’s latest book.   “Music has such beneficial effects on mind and soul. Music has been proven to be therapeutic as well. Ganesh and Kumaresh have taken it to another level by coming forward for an auspicious cause – saving trees by supporting Forests by Heartfulness, said Kamlesh Patel, Guide of Heartfulness Meditation Worldwide.

 As a universal language, music brings all of us together, but putting music for a good cause is a beautiful thing. I am happy that so many people have come forward for Forests by Heartfulness by furthering music for saving trees and our green planet,Ganesh said.

“We have been associated with Forests by Heartfulness and in the process have made the baby steps to saving trees. I am glad that something of this scale can augment our efforts in the direction and secure the future of our planet,” said Kumaresh.