S. Ramadorai to head Kalakshetra

By Special Correspondent
Chennai: 25-02-2020 3:55PM
Last Updated: 25-02-2020 3:56PM

The former vice-chairperson of Tata Consultancy Services, S. Ramadorai, has been appointed chairperson of the governing body of  Kalakshetra Foundation in.

His appointment was announced by the Union Ministry of Culture.

Mr. Ramadorai  will have a term of five years, according to a notification issued on February 18.

Mr. Ramadorai had long stint with TCS. He earlier served as the Prime Minister’s advisor in the National Skill Development Council. He was also the chief of the National Skill Development Agency.

The Centre also appointed three artistes — Anupama Hoskere, Neyveli Santhanagopalan and Sudha Ragunathan — to fill vacancies on the board for its current term that is till November 9.

 Ms. Hoskere is a a Bharatanatyam dancer and had been appointed as a board member in place of S. Saumya. Santhanagopalan and Sudha Raghunathan are well-known Carnatic vocalists who have been appointed to replace Gangai Amaren and the late C.K. Balagopalan, respectively.