TVG is a musical banyan tree, says Vijay Natesan

By K.T. Jagannathan
Chennai: 10-06-2021 10:54PM
Last Updated: 10-06-2021 10:56PM

Vijay Natesan

Guru T.V. Gopalakrishnan (TVG) is a musical banyan tree. His absolute romance with life in itself is something which one and all can take inspiration from, says mridangist Vijay Natesan. He considers himself blessed to be a sishya of guru TVG. “Daanam (giving) of his limitless knowledge to all his sishyas with love and affection stands him out in the crowd,” he says. His authoritative knowledge of Indian classical music, his desire to reach unsurpassed standards in the art of playing mridangam and his penchant for innovation have all combined to push him into a unique position in the world of music, according to Natesan. “He stands firmly with tradition. Yet, he has the touch of modernity,’’ says Natesan. “His undeterred focus, discipline, never-say-die attitude, unflinching bhakthi towards his Guru and his impeccable sense of style and panache are qualities which inspire one and all. He is a Guru, friend, philosopher and guide to all his sishyas,” he says.