A gratifying season for Bombay Jayashri

By Our Special Correspondent
Chennai: 30-12-2018 5:35PM

##photo##For Bombay Jayashri, 2018 was, perhaps, a largely gratifying season. Her single-minded pursuit, a thoroughly professional outlook and an unalloyed sincerity have all combined to make her a highly respected artiste in the world of Carnatic music. Her ability to seamlessly integrate with the musical job on hand –cutting across artistes, genres and geographies – singles out the person in Jayashri the musician. It has been a long journey for this artiste originally from Bombay. The road has not been strewn with roses though for her. Nevertheless, Jayashri has come a long way. Her concerts always draw full house. It was no different in Season 2018.

An inspired performance
Many summers have elapsed since she sang Chakkani Raja last in this sabha. Since then, a lot has changed - both for her and the sabha. Bombay Jayashri has transformed into a super singer. And, the Mylapore Fine Arts, too, has seen a metamorphosis. In the concert on the eve of Christmas (i.e. Deccember 24, 2018), her Kharaharporiya was exquisite as she re-presented Chakkani Raja in a style that bordered on magnificent. There was style. And, there was elegance, too. And, the entire concert for the Mylapore Fine Arts Club turned out to be an inspired presentation. Her alapana in Kharaharapriya was riveting, and her RTP in Ranjani was crisp and splendid. The Thillana of Lalgudi Jayaraman in Thilang was absorbing, and proved an eloquent testimony to her repertoire. She was given a good violin support by H.N. bhaskar and Kanjira vidwan Sundara Kumar. Patri Satish Kuimar was was vibrant as ever.

Unhurried as always
As usual, she was unhurried in her approach. Her music was more for the mind. And, it brought in a sense of equanimity in the body system. The 135-minute concert that Bombay Jayashri gave for Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on December 21 was an exercise in reiterating the dedication of years of pure sadagam. The Kamboji alapana and Hindolam RTP (ragam, tanam and pallavi) reinforced this. Lathangi proved a wonderful listening experience. And, the Kannada Gaula kriti was refreshing. She was given a good support on Mridangam by Anantha R.Krishnan. Seasoned H.N. Bhaskar on the violin proved an ever dependable support artiste. Kanjira vidwan provided the necessary pep to the concert.

Classy professionals
Bombay Jayashri was at her expressive best at Narada Gana Sabha on the evening of December 30, 2018. She signed off 2018 concert season on a hugely satisfactory note. She ended it in style with the ever-popular Thillana in Sindhubhairavi of her guru. There was so much felicity in her musical articulation. The concert was elegant and ecstatic. Her Kalyani alapana was brilliant with absorbing sangatis. Her conceptualization of Sriranjani particularly stood out for its stylish interpretation and precision delivery. The RTP in Desh was exhilarating. Embar Kannan on the violin was melodious and merged seamlessly with the vocalist's thought process during the entire course of the concert. Patri Satish Kumar on mridangam and Sundara Kumar on Kanjira matched each other in the tani - in terms of class as well innovation in beat alignment.

It was a classy work by top-notch professional artistes.