An inspired performance

By Sudha Jagannathan
Chennai: 30-12-2019 10:32PM

It was an inspired performance. Bombay Jayashri signed off season 2019 in style when she gave a concert for Narada Gana Sabha on the penultimate day of year 2019. She was relaxed. Indeed, her final concert for the December season 2019 was awesome. She was expressive, and appeared lot more easy. As though taking a flight to freedom, she freaked out. She was in her element. And, the music that flowed, as a consequence, was scintillating, to say the least. If the message of music is happiness, she liberally sprinkled it all around this evening. From the starter Hamsadwani to wonderful Varali (Maamava Meenakshi) and Dikshithar's Natesham Namami in Manirangu - the menu was fabulous. The main piece Evarimata in Kamboji was expansive in treatment, and bore the mark of a well-entrenched tradition. Rasikas always expectantly wait for her RTP. Jayashri never disappoints them. In the RTP segment, she employed a trio of ragas  (Shanmukhapriya, Sama & Anandhabhairavi) to articulate her pallavi line. She brought the curtain down for her Season 2019 with a racy tillana. Indeed, it passed off for a very pleasant evening.