Bombay Jayashri weaves a web with meditative music

By Sudha Jagannathan
Chennai: 20-03-2022 4:19PM
Last Updated: 23-03-2022 4:19PM

As we entered the Kapaleeshwar temple at Mylapore, Bombay Jayashri’s music, enriched with a new glow and flavour, floated gently across even as devotees jostled to have a glimpse of their favourite artiste. Her music - going in tara sthayi as she sang Parath Para Parameshwara (Vaschapathi) of Papanasam Sivan sprinkled with rich sangatis - was ever so pleasing to ears. Her voice seems to have acquired a metallic glow after two years of Covid-induced sabbatical from normal kutcheris in sabhas. Many yester-year vidwans were careful in tending their voice. M.S. Subbulakshmi (MS), Aryakudi, Semmangudi and many others took extra care to protect their voice. Contemporary artists often keep their concert schedules packed, jeopardising the quality in the process.  MS & other musicians of former times gave sufficient gaps between concerts. Their musical depth however ensured that they always ran full-house concerts. Bombay Jayashri’s meditative music, shorn of frills, always draws a capacity audience. Her deep knowledge of music and elegant presentation ensure that her concerts are signature ones both appealing and qualitative. The Panguni Uthiram festival is celebrated with grandeur at this temple every year. This year is special as the temples are now fully open and the Gods are now stepping out of temples to give a darshan to bhakts.  As the concert was in progress, Gods came out to listen to Bombay Jayashri! They stepped out for the ``veedi valam’’ and passed through the open pathway along the concert venue.  A super way to be blessed! Jayashri is indeed.   The audience, too, must have felt twice blessed. On this day, it was a musical and divine treat for the rasikas and devotees alike. The temple atmosphere had also ensured that the percussionists - mridangam and ghatam artiste – played with a sense of deep devotion and commitment. H.N. Bhaskar was on the violin. The Nandi bhagawan, the divine vahana of Lord Shiva, must have been immensely pleased with the co-ordinated work of percussionists Sumesh Narayanan(Mridangam) and S.Krishna(Ghatam). Audience listened with enthusiasm and surprise. Bombay Jayashri weaved a necklace of sort on the whole family of Lord Shiva by singing “Akilandeshwari-Dvijavanti”(on Parvati), “Vatapi Ganapatim-Hamsadwani”(on Ganesh) and Irakkam Varamal-Behag (on Shiva) earlier.

She sang “Chandrasekara-Sindhibhairavi” on Sri Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt who is none other than incarnation of Lord Shiva. She signed off with her signature thillana (Sindhu Bhairavi) on Murugan. Often, the expressions of the rasikas - be it a shrug or a gentle nod and whatever – come as elixir for any performing artiste.  It was a great time for the rasikas to listen live to the music of Padmashri Jayashri, click pics on their mobile and even take selfies with the vocalist after the concert.


Name: Amirtha    Place: Chennai  
Comment: Very nice concert enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks