Keeping the tradition afloat

By Sudha Jagannathan
Chennai: 29-12-2019 10:40PM

An erudite scholar, Sangitha Kalanidhi-designate S. Sowmya is a traditionalist's delight. A copy-book stylist, she is a no show-woman. She has a no-nonsense approach to music. Perhaps, that has earned her the prestigious award from The Music Academy, the Wimbeldon of Carnatic music. Dr. Sowmya was simple in outlook, and solid in delivery as she turned out to perform for Sri Parthasarathy Sabha on December 28, 2019. A sound theoretical knowledge combined with a deep musical skill has gotten her a unique standing in the world of Carnatic music. If old-timers were pleased with her concert this evening, GenNext turn out in significant number to listen to the soon-to-be Sangitha Kalanidhi. ``Manasa Guru Guha in Ananda Bairavi, '' Vandalum varattume, a Gopalakrishna Bharathi song, in BalahAmsa, and ``Sri Nathadhi guru guho'' in Mayamalavagaula, among others, revealed the very traditionalist artist in Sowmya. The Sabha did not miss the opportunity to felicitate the Sangitha Kalanidhi-designate.