Reinforcing iconic status

By Sudha Jagannathan
Chennai: 24-12-2019 10:53PM

Time just flew, commented an young girl coming out of the two-and-a-half hour concert of Bombay Jayashri for Mylapore Fine Arts Club on December 24, 2019. ``Lot of youngsters have bought tickets for today's concert,'' revealed a ranking official of the sabha. That sums up the quiet change that is enveloping the December music season this year. This is indeed a refreshing kind of a feeling, given especially the happenings around us. Sabhas such as Mylapore Fine Arts often reflect the ground situation.

Bombay Jayashri, as usual, was perfect to the T. Immaculate in delivery, unmixed in focus and professional in execution - all these traits have combined to make brand Bombay Jayashri a perfect icon for youngsters to follow. At her favorite destination in December, the Oscar nominee exhibited the art of controlled melody. The menu for the evening - Mokshamo in Saramathi, Manavyalakim in Nalinakanti, Etula Brothuvo in Chakravaham, RTP, Madhuvanthi Tillana and Jayadev Astapathi - was rich. And, Jayashri packaged it so elegantly with best support from violinist Bhaskar H.N. and percussionists Patri Satishkumar and B. Sundara Kumar. Senior mridangist T.V. Gopalakrishnan, too, was present at the concert.

The audience profile was pleasing. Indeed, it portents good for the world of Carnatic music.

Imparting a new meaning
CHENNAI: With so much tension around, her soft melody is the right prescription for calming the mind. Unhurried as usual, a vastly experienced Bombay Jayashri appears to impart a new meaning to her rendition. Her recital for Krishna Gana Sabha on 21st December, 2019 sort of reveals this new intent. Indeed, her recital is turning out to be a quiet exercise in steadying the minds. A unique way of contributing her bit to the cause of nation-building!