The superiority of Carnatic music

By Chitravina N. Ravikiran
Chennai: 25-02-2020 10:20PM
Last Updated: 25-02-2020 10:20PM

Let me share a couple of perspectives on music

There are several kinds of music in the world and broadly classified, they can be positive or negative... We see several people drinking and dancing or resorting to drugs when they listen to certain kinds of music... While a few others have the power to make one feel energised or tranquil.

Carnatic is special because - unlike most other systems in the world, it has been built and shaped by great saints, philosophers and spiritually evolved people. This is distinct from even other innately demanding good systems like Western Classical or Hindustani (which also build character in their practitioners). If you see, this is the only major system in the world where the music we sing on stage as art can very well be sung in a temple as religion (you normally don't have Church music concerts/Koran recitals as commercial performances). Therefore, even theme-wise, Carnatic can entertain, educate and elevate at the same time...

Which is why, people who practise or listen to this with the right mindset - with an awareness of its musical, lyrical and spiritual values - can find the utmost amount of spiritual or philosophical heights and obtain equanimity and bliss.

(This article was first published in 2008)