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Tushad Talati - Bangalore, India
I think its really well done and the striking thing is it shows me the deep passion you and the others have for this music form. Very commendable.I love the simple style and design of the site incidentally.

Some thoughts you could consider.
- Allow more interactivity. You could have a forum or thread so people can leave comments and opinions on articles, reviews, performances etc.
- Why don’t you allow a space for advertisers? Music shops in Chennai, shops selling instruments etc.
- Need a listing or upcoming schedule of concerts, album releases, related events etc.
- A section on interesting happenings from around the country (not just Chennai)

These are just my small suggestions. Great idea. All the best.

T.K. Balakrishnan - Chennai, India
"This is very good"

Dasarathy - Chennai, India
It is an excellent site. It could prove a boon for Indian music lovers

- Chennai, India
Congratulations on this initiative. Those responsible for the design of the site need to be commended. They have done a very good job. Good fonts, too. A very pleasing home page, good use of colours and pictures. I read the interviews, tit-bits etc. Good start. Enjoyed it. Look forward to more.

Ghatam Suresh - Chennai, India
Very colourful and bright site at the first sight. Quite thoughtful to have a "ghatam" icon to catch and store guests' comments! May this site grow in a huge way, giving invaluable insight to our divine music and bridge the rasikas and musicians in the best constructive way. All the very best to the dedicated team.

Radhika Raghuraman - Plainsboro, USA
Delighted to see your work!! Very fresh and clean site...good use of colour! Enjoyed reading it.... Looking forward to seeing current things to read.

Sujatha Prakash - Princeton, USA
Great site! Not being hugely involved in music but still a music lover, I felt awed like a poor man in a five-star jewelery store.

Ramani Sharma - Mumbai, India
It is a great one. I was very happy to see so many articles of Bombay Jayashri and also news about my guru Smt. T.R. Balamani.