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V. Balasubramanian - Chennai, India
Your website is quite interesting, revealing the passion you all have for music. Congrats and my best wishes. I wonder if you could include bajans also in that and profile exponents like Vittaldas (Jaikrishna Bagavathar), Udayalur Kalyanaraman, Kovai Jayaraman and Tanjore Thiagrajan.

Ganesh Srinivasan - Doha, Qatar
A Creative Carnatic Capsule...

Shailaja Vardhan - Chennai, India
The beauty of Carnatic music is still understood by a finite few as compared to say Yoga. Today, chanting CDs have caught on and seem to be flying off music stores. Similarly, Salsa classes are the new rage in town. This website could well become the new must check-out site if you could offer suggestions on Music CDs one could pick from the stores, quick reviews for new comers on the scene, suggestions for serious enthusiasts, in a way similar to what auto magaines have on offer.

* Classes as stress busters are gaining importance - a greater list of teachers, courses, source for intruments, duration of classes etc and so on could be very valuable. I had to scour the net to find a suitable keyboard class for my daughter!

* More chatty information on sabhas, artists & their teachers, new entrants on the scene, must visit places in Chennai for music lovers, intruments and the mystery surrounding them, kutchery in the park kind of features would be very interesting.

* You could also consider sending an e-mailer on the latest happenings.

S Prasad - Bangalore, India
Congrats...A very good initiative. With more commercial support, it has the potential to broaden itself into an "one-stop-shop" on Carnatic music.

R.D. Rajan - Chennai, India
I like the website. The webpage has a very good look and feel about it. However, I feel that in the "Raga" pages, when you write about a Bilahari or Bindumalini for example, a minute's sound byte on the ragam and a popular song will be very educative. Since you have these pages, I would imagine that you are focused also on beginners.

Now for some straight talk, the two personalities written about is the usual stuff. It will be useful if you talk to the persons featured and give their views on their own music. That will bring out their approach to the selection of songs and the like.

Chandramouli - Bangalore, India
A very good and informative site. It was nice to read articles on the all-time greats like Lalgudi, Mali etc.
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