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S.K.Sundararajan - Chennai, India
A good initiative. Keep it up. I could see this as becoming one like Google in music. Please keep all the threads going. Do you have all the system in place with the right people to manage the threads? BEST OF LUCK.

Sangeetha Shyam - Indonesia
I am very happy to see your website. Its well organized, professional and complete. Above all, the vision and objective are highly commendable.
Here are some of my humble suggestions. You could probably organize the weblinks/resources section a little bit. For example, into sections like
    * Organization / Sabhas
    * Magazines / Srchives
    * Musicians / Artiste
    * Lyrics
Also, you could provide a section on education where you could provide links to academic and other training/institutes you might want to suggest . It can become quite a database that way.

M.Ramesh - KR Palem, Sullurupeta, India
This site is very nice and informative. I was thrilled at the contents.

V. N. Vasudevan - Mumbai, India
I liked the website immensely. I will visit the site from time to time. By the way, does anybody know the address and telephone number of Shri Chitthur Venkatesan (flutist) and Shri Palladam Rajan (flutist)?

H.Kamalnath - President, The Bangalore Gayana Samaja
I have gone through all the sections of the website. Your website is one more addition to rasikas of Carnatic music - useful, informative, valuable and well classified. My greetings and good wishes to you and your collegues. May `Carnaticadarbar' truly be the present day version of `the darbar' of yester-year, which used to flourish with great musicians and patrons.

S.Janakiraman - Chennai, India
Your web site has many messages. Articles on M D Ramanathan, Flute Mali and Kalpagam Swaminathan are all good. All the best.

Arjun - Chennai, India
It's very rare to view a site of this kind. It has everything for Carnatic music lovers all over the globe. I wish every good for this wonderful site.
I hope it becomes one of the most active sites in the Carnatic music space. Incidentally, I am a proud student of flautist brothers Raghu & Ravi.

Prabakaran - Chennai, India
What a start! It has been a dream of many to see a Canatic music web site of this sort. I wish you continue like this for long long time.
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