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V.P. Sadagopan - Chennai, India
Hats off to the highly readable and comprehensive article on Carnatic music and Tamil cine music. You have not missed out a single name of artist who has done the best possible for maintaining high standards. Sri Kunnakkudi Vaidyanathan deserves a special mention as, amidst severe criticism and even ridicule at times, he has been strenuously popularising ragas on his inimitable violin through cine songs. He has also scored music as music director for films....Good work. Keep it up!

Anjali Nandan - Arkensas (U.S)
The site is clean and appealing. I like the Ragas and the Views sections, as these are a great source of learning to me. I am looking forward to read more on stuffs that can educate a beginner like me. I feel each weblinks given can be classified under respective titles or can mention what is that link about. Wish you all the best. I believe few years from now this site would be a one-stop shop for Carnatic music.

Jairam Iyer - Mumbai, India
Excellent website. Why don't you get some commercial backing - you could do great things if supported well. My best wishes for a grand success of this site.

Saroja & Lalitha (Bombay sisters)
An excellent site. We wish you all success in your endeavour. Best wishes & blessings...

Ajanthie Mathanakaran
I thoroughly agree with what Srimati Jayashri is saying. In particular, one thing that I can relate to is particular ragas helping me feel better when I suffer with severe migraine. I love our Carnatic music and the inner peace that it gives me when I hear it is something that I can't get anywhere else!

Gopal Narayanan - Chadstone 3148, Australia
I fully agree with a lot of observations made by Srimathi Bombay Jayashri. I listen to a very wide collection of Carnatic music, Hindi and Tamil film songs and English light music, especially when I feel a bit down. Within a matter of 30 minutes, I find that very soothing and I feel very happy and cheerful. I am 72 years and, believe me, I have not experienced a headache so far in my life. I personally believe that is due to my listening to music. There is always music playing in my house during the time we are awake.

Students of Vittal Ramamurthy
We are students of the famed violinist Sri Vittal Ramamurthy. We have dedicated a website to our Guru. The site address is: Your site is very nice. Keep coming out with reviews and interviews. All the best.

Mallika - New South Wales, Australia
A positive initiative for a noble cause. A very educative and informative site. I like the way topics are organized and info from famous personalities are included. However, it would be good if a comment box is posted for each topic. For example, if someone wants to add some info for Sshankarabharanam raga', it could be added there, after the article finishes. Looking forward to contribute and be a part of this project.

K.N.Shashikiran - Director,, Chennai, India
It is a very catchy name. And, the website has simple navigation and is a good effort to promote the various aspects of Carnatic music globally. The profiles of the people behind make it a truly sincere and dedicated team, comitted to the cause of music. My best wishes and also will be happy to lend a supporting hand in your great efforts.
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