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My thoughts are dance, says Shijith Nambiar
They are a rare couple. They make a perfect match. For them, life revolves around Bharatanatyam. They see everything through the prism of this art form. Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy Menon are among the few prominent dance duos in the discipline of Bharatanatyam. An ex-faculty member of “Kalakshetra” in Chennai, Shijith Nambiar is a choreographer, teacher and performer. Here, he answers in an email interview.

How long have you been learning dance?
Sixteen years.

Who is your dance guru?
Shri.N V Krishnan, Payyanur, Kerala. In Kalakshetra, my first guru was Shri A. Janardhanan and other teachers of Kalakshetra.

What has been the biggest learning from your guru?
Dedication to the art form – that has been my biggest learning.

Why do you learn dance?
It is my passion. I learn it to reach the divine energy and to impart the divine energy of Bharatanatyam.

Are you also learning vocal music?

What dance means to you?
I am a full-time professional dancer. My thoughts are dance. My life is dance. And, dance is my passion.

Are you learning dance by choice or compulsion?
Started learning by choice of my father but not by compulsion. Now, it is my life.

How does it (learning dance) help you in day-to-day life?
It helps in realizing the divine.

Learning dance – has it helped you to change your personality?
Yes, it did. I am a better human being now because of this art form.

What is your aim as dancer?
Imparting the divine experience of Bharatanatyam!.

Performing in Chennai December season - What kind of a feeling strikes you?
Always glad to be a part of Chennai Margazhi Festival.

What are the advantages of performing together? And, what are the disadvantageous in doing so?
We do create something special which cannot be created by one individual. We really enjoy dancing together. Now I am enjoying more than I enjoyed being a soloist. One has to understand the other and must have the chemistry between both, which is very important. Otherwise, it won’t be enjoyable for the rasikas.

As a performing couple - what adjustments one needs to make in style and content?
In our case, we don't make any adjustments. We both are from Kalakshetra, same style but two different identities. The identity of a dancer is very important. Both must be equally talented and must have the differentiation from each other. In that case, it will be interesting to watch them.


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