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R.K. Srikantan is no more
CHENNAI, February 17: We regret to announce that veteran Carnatic vocalist Sangita Kalanidhi R.K. Srikantan is no more. He passed away at a private hospital in Bangalore today.

He was 94. He had been performing almost till the very end of his life.

Srikantan was born in 1920 to a distinguished traditional family of musicians of Rudrapatnam in Hassan district in Karnataka. He was the youngest son of late Krishna Sastry, a great scholar in Sanskrit and Kannada.

His grandfather Narayanappa of Bettadapura was also a great musician, and a close friend of Veena Seshanna of Mysore.

Learning early
After taking lessons of music from his father at a tender age and later from his illustrious brother R.K.Venkataramasastry. a leading violinist and a disciple of T.Chowdaiah, Srikantan came under the influence of all leading musicians of yore from the south. Srikantan was known for his sruthi suddham, clear-cut pronunciation of the sahityam and his bhava-laden krithi renditions.

He was particularly instrumental in popularizing the Devaranamas of all Haridasas, especially Purandaradasa.

Shishya parampara of Thyagaraja
Srikantan belonged to the shishya parampara of Thyagaraja himself :
Thyagaraja Walajapet
Venkataramana Bhagavathar
Mysore Sadasiva Rao
Veena Seshanna
R.K.Venkatarama Sastry

He was a recipient of many awards and titles including the much coveted Sangeetha Kalanidhi.

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