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'Spirit of Mylapore’ Award goes to oldest
Mridangam shop
CHENNAI, January 19: The oldest Mridangam shop on Mathala Narayanan Street has been chosen for Sundaram Finance’s `Spirit of Mylapore’ Award.

The award was presented here recently to the shop’s owner Mr. C. Varadan by Mr. T.T. Srinivasaraghavan, Managing Director of Sundaram Finance Ltd., as part of the final day events of the 13th Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival on the main stage in front of the Kapali Temple.

Presenting the award, Mr. Srinivasaraghavan said, “Varadan learnt the art of repairing the Mridangam from his guru as a 11-year-old boy in the 1950s, and has, over the decades, grown into a Mylapore legend. He has served the Who’s Who of Carnatic music from his iconic shop, which stands to this day on Mathala Narayanan Street in Mylapore. In a fast-changing world, Mr. Varadan is a rare gem, as committed to his art today as he was all those decades ago. He truly embodies the spirit of Mylapore.”

`I feel happy'
Mr. Varadan said, “I feel very happy and grateful to be honoured by Sundaram Finance with this prestigious Spirit of Mylapore Award. I congratulate Sundaram Finance for keeping up the Mylapore heritage and contributing to our traditions and culture by organising the Mylapore Festival year on year.”

Sundaram Finance had in January 2009 instituted an annual ‘Spirit of Mylapore’ Award to recognize every year in January one long-time resident or institution of Mylapore who /that has contributed significantly to the culture and heritage of Mylapore.

Past winners
Previous recipients of the Sundaram Finance Spirit of Mylapore award include road-side book seller RK Azhwar, Dabba Chetti Kadai and Lady Sivasami Girls School.