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Ghatam artiste E M Subramaniam is no more
CHENNAI, April 23: We regret to announce that eminent Ghatam artiste E M Subramaniam is no more. A quiet legend in every respect, he died of multiple organ failure this morning in a private hospital in Chennai. "Having lost all his spinster siblings one by one earlier (he was unmarried as well), there was no blood relations around his mortal remains but an impressive line-up of students who had studied under him in the Government Music College, Chennai, for some years,’’ writes Suresh, a well-known Ghatam artiste, in his Facebook postings. "Among those who queued up to pay their last respects to the departed soul was this auto driver (I remember his name is Shankar) who was serving EMS for close to 15 years, more as a son than a paid chauffeur,’’ Suresh writes. "Madurai Balasubramanian, a noble Violinist and who is a trustee of a voluntary trust, has taken up the duty of performing the last rites for EMS. There were a handful of musicians visiting to pay their last respects to a literally and technically orphaned percussionist, who was an amazingly power-packed player for close to five decades,’’ Suresh added . "Nobody knew whom to console! As I went in for my turn, it struck me that whatever little of all the intricate, embellishing, and entertaining laya contributions of this unpretentious artiste all these years that were noticed by musicians, music lovers and connoisseurs had neither resulted in a reasonably comfortable life for him till he died nor their worth would be hailed in any form perpetually. May his soul rest in peace,’’ Suresh wrote.