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T.M. Krishna vows not to sing at Chennaiís December Music Season
CHENNAI, June 11: In what is considered a daring act, Carnatic musician T.M. Krishna has declared that he will not be singing in Chennai’s December music season. In a Facebook posting, he said: ``I would like to inform all of you that henceforth (beginning December 2015) I will not be singing in Chennai’s December Music Season.’’ Elaborating further, he stated,`` right from when I was five or six the ‘season’ has been part of my musical universe and I have learnt so much from musicians, musicologists, scholars and rasikas.’’ He went on to add that ``unfortunately at the place I am today I am unable to reconcile my musical journey with that of the December season.’’ He said he had communicated his decision to the concert organizers. ``My growth in the field of music has been largely due to the sabhas of Chennai, and over the years, they have been most accommodative and graceful in accepting my varied requests,’’ he said. And, he went on to thank them and all `for everything’.