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Maharajapuram Ganesh’s Experimental Album set for Digital Launch
CHENNAI, December 11: Carnatic vocalist Maharajapuram S. Ganesh Viswanathan has teamed up with music director Sundar Siva to launch an experimental album.

The album is set to be released next week exclusively on the digital platform by Swathi Soft Solutions.

'Melanam' the album, combines different styles of musical orchestration. It comprises renditions of hardcore South Indian classical musical numbers. "The album has a very chaste set of krithis presented for the global audience. It consists of a unique combination and orchestration of musical instruments which compliment the vocalist's renditions," says a release.

The album has five songs, which are distinctively unique in terms of tempo, aesthetics, orchestration and presentation. It opens with a Malahari Raga Dikshitar Kriti "Panchamathanga" on Lord Ganesha, and this is followed by another Dikshitar Kriti "Sri Mathurapuri" in Raga Bilahari. This is followed by the Swarajathi "Amba Kamakshi" in Raga Bhairavi. The next song is the popular "Himagiri Thaneye" in Raga Suddha Dhanyasi. The album winds up with the Thillana of Maharajapuram Santhanam in Raga Basanth Bahar.

"As students of audio engineering a few years ago, Ganesh and I have wanted to do something very unique, and this album is a fulfillment of our dream. The inspiration was, of course, Sri V S Narasimhan's famed 'Madras String Quartet', which beautifully combined the aesthetics of Carnatic music with western orchestration" says Sundar Siva. "Ganesh has sung five evergreen compositions of Carnatic music popularised by his illustrious grandfather late Maharajapuram Santhanam the central piece being Syamasastri’s magnum opus –the Swarajati 'Amba Kamakshi'. I have great fascination for Bhairavi but it was quite a big challenge to arrange and programme the layers consisting of western orchestra for this monumental kriti, which takes a rather slow pace ('vilamba kaala'). I must admit that most of the time spent on this album was devoted for the swarajati. Newer and newer ideas kept springing up that demanded constant revision of the phrases during the orchestration but at the end I consider we have been quite successful in the venture," he adds.

Shruti Sagar (flute), Meera Sundar (violin), Sathyanarayanan (mridangam) and Sivaramakrishnan (veena) have provided instrumental support. The production was programmed and arranged by music composer Vishal Chandrasekhar.