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Veda Samskruti Samiti to hold seminar on Samskritam, sangeetam, naatakam & naatyam
CHENNAI, March 10: Hyderabad-based Veda Samskruti Samiti is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of vedas, vedic culture and Hindu dharma.

Veda Samskruti Samiti plans to conduct a national seminar on Samskritam, music, dance and drama during November/December 2017. The dates and venue of the seminar are still being finalised.

The objective is to bring together like-minded organisations who serve the cause of Samskritam, Indian music, dance and drama.

It has invited prospective participants to present papers at the upcoming seminar on “Preservation and promotion of Samskritam, sangeetam, naatakam & naatyam”. Papers are invited for presentation with specific focus on the importance, influence, co-existence and strengths of Samskritam language with regard to sangeetam, naatakam, naatyam and other fine arts.

All communications should be addressed to Veda Samskruti Samiti. For details, contact: A.H.Prabhakara Rao, Founder and President, (Mobile number) 0-92465 72182. Or

In 2016, the Samiti catalysed the formation of a group of thirteen organizations ( G-13 ) who have similar objectives and who are working for the cause of Hindu Dharma. Further, Veda Samskruti Samiti brought together all the other twelve organizations onto a single platform and conducted a National Seminar titled “Samskritam and Samskruti” on August 21, 2016.

Last date for registration is March 31.
Last date for submission of abstracts ( or registration with abstracts ) is April 30.
Last Date for approval of abstracts is May 31.
Last date for submission of draft full papers is June 30.
Last date for review of papers and comments is July 31.
Last date for re-submission of final papers is August 31.