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Music could bring a "sense of melodious balance" in a world of emotional turbulence, says Venkaiah Naidu
CHENNAI, March 17: In an increasingly conflict-ridden world, music can provide the much-needed soothing touch, said Venkaiah Naidu, Vice-President of India.

Addressing a function here on Saturday to inaugurate the centenary celebrations of legendary musician late D.K. Pattammal,the Vice-President said that music could bring a "sense of melodious balance" in a world of emotional turbulence.

Indian classical music, especially Carnatic music, had woven noble thoughts ennobling emotions and melodious notes into a unique seamless and delightful experience, he said. "This balance needs to be appreciated," he added. And, this cultural heritage and unified holistic perspective on life needed to be celebrated, the Vice-President said.

"In celebrating D.K. Pattammal's music, we pay a tribute to the melody, the words, and the thoughts that make us all proud inheritors of the rich legacy," he said.

Mr. Naidu recalled how late Pattammal carved out a path as a professional musician against all social odds. A self-taught musician with no formal gurukula training, Pattammal, he said, had a remarkable musical ear that enabled her to absorb the nuances of classical music effortlessly.

"Pattammal had a unique style but seemed to be close to Ariyakudi's in its solidity and right mix of Madhyama and slow speed. She drew from the best musicians and created her own distinct style. She is among the few musicians in the last century who had own the acceptance of their seniors, peers and juniors," the Vice-President said. She was probably the only musician to have trained a Chinese student to hold a Carnatic music concert, he added.

Her uncompromising adherence to tradition when values were fast changing, her dedication to the art without aspiring for returns and her judicious selection of musical offerings in concerts were here three significant contributions to the world of music, Mr. Naidu said.

"There is more to life than money, he said, and quoted Saint Tyagaraja's composition "Nidhi Chaala Sukhamaa". Asserting that "we need to constantly nourish our minds and hearts," the Vice-President said that music not only provided this nourishment but transcended many boundaries.

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