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Shankar Kandasamy, vibrant and energetic
Shankar Kandasamy, a teacher at the Temple of Fine Arts, Malaysia, performed under the banner of the Brahma Gana Sabha at the Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium on January 13. He started out with a vibrant invocatory piece. His energy never dipped through out the performance. He leaped, jumped, swirled and covered the entire stage beautifully.

He set out to perform a varnam Sri Krsna Kamala Natha by Tirumalla Srinivasan. It was a beautifully choreographed piece. He started out with the 29th Tiruppavai Chittranchiru Kaalai.

His sancharis won him applause, especially the one where he showed the incident where Krsna takes the life of the demon Putana, who comes disguised in the form of a young woman to give him poisoned milk. In one part of the swaram in the second half, he portrayed Krsna leela. This was a new venture in the dance scenario. The jathis were uttered and danced well. Ranjith Babu on the nattuvangam was quite good.

Shankar went on to do the famous `Paarkadal alai mele', in sync with the occasion of the last day of the month of Margazhi. This piece was also well done. One thing that needs mention about Shankar's performance is that there was not a piece which he took lightly. Every one of his items had a pace.

He went to do his own composition in Sankarabharanam -a replacement for the Tillana. It was a beautiful concept, where the saptha swaras were shown as the different abharanas of Shankara. Be it the Ma- Mruga, the deer, ni - Nisha -the moon Shankar's elaborations and his picturesque poses were completely beautiful. Shankar's supreme success was the Shankarabharanam piece. His `compere work' was very well done. He, however, exceeded his time slot due to the time that went between two items.

Though his pace was admirable, the perfection he aspired for couldn't be achieved completely. His orchestra consisted of Haribabu (mridhangam), Nandha Kumar (vocal) and G. Shridhar (flute). To sum up, it was a performance where the artiste was in complete sync with the audience. There was interaction at all levels.