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Aishwarya Ananth- an artiste to watch out for
Aishwarya Ananth, a disciple of Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy, performed for the 20th Bharatham Festival of Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha on January 11. Aishwarya is a very expressive dancer. She is also gifted with a very pleasing countenance. Her bright green costume added to the visual delight. Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy's choreography that stood out throughout the performance.

The performance was marked for classy choreography, good dancing and a wonderful orchestral team. Priya Murle's rendition of jathis was clear and powerful. Her nattuvangam was of a great support to the artiste. Kalaimamani K.S.R. Anirudha was outstanding on the triangam (three mridangams). His ringing of the temple-bell and blowing of the conch created a different and positive atmosphere in the hall. Kalaimamani Radha Badhri was very impressive in her rendition of `Saami Ninnukori', a composition of the Tanjore Quartette. Baghyalaksmi on the flute and Satish Kumar on the violin were very pleasing to hear and did not over-do their jobs.

Aishwarya began with a compilation of sthuthis in praise of Vinayaka, Muruga and Saraswathi in raga-thala maalika. In the varnam, she handled the sanchari bhavas really well and gave life to her guru's choreography. Notable was the one in which the heroine compares her pining for Lord Brihadeeswara to that of boiling milk overflowing from a vessel. The nritta portions were well handled, bringing to light her sense of thaalams. Commendable was her stamina. She managed to perform the entire varnam with no drop in energy. The varnam was followed by a piece in kaapi, "Janaki ramana", which traced the events in the life of Lord Rama. The padam that followed was the best of the pieces that were performed that evening - "Adhuvum solluval" (saurashtram). Her humorous portrayal of the gossiping ladies evoked instant laughter. The concluding thillana was set to simmendhra madhyamam, a composition of vidwan Madurai.N. Krishnan.

Aishwarya's abhinayam was outstanding throughout the recital, particularly in the pieces that comprised the utharaangam of the margam. She needs polishing in certain adavus, particularly the theermaana adavu. Nevertheless, Aishwarya's performance was really promising. She is surely an artiste to watch out for.