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Kiran Rajagopalan - a dancer to watch
CHENNAI, October 1: The rain God showered his blessings on the city on the day of Saraswathi Pooja. The showers, however, inconvenienced the rasikas who were keen to make it to the Yuva Utsav programme by Kiran Rajagopalan at the Bharat Kalachar. Though started late, the programme picked up pace once it began. The pushpanjali in Simmendra Madhyamam was a good beginning followed by a shloka on Goddess Saraswathi. Kiran was good with the sculpturous poses of Saraswathi. A varnam in Nattakurinji was the highlight of the evening's performance. A bhakthi piece on Vinayaka, it elaborated on Ganesha's greatness. Kiran showed talent in capturing the happy gait and characteristic charm of the Lord of Ganas.

The sancharis were shown with good detail. Shri A. K Lakshman had to be appreciated for the simple and neat choreography and beautiful jathis he uttered with confidence and vigor.

The second-half had two padams, both appreciable for their musical quality. The Sarangapani padam Iti panalu in ragam Gowla was an interesting piece where Krsna and his deeds were being criticized while indirectly he was praised. Kiran has scope to improve his abhinaya in the padams. The Ambujam Krishna Padam, Hariharanai Nidam, was a beautiful composition to which Kiran did good justice. Kiran should be appreciated for his neat aramandi and clean nritta. The programme came to an end with a racy thillana in Kadanakudukalam, a Balamuralikrishna composition.