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T.V. Sankaranarayanan concert, a vibrant treat
Age is a mere number as somebody said. Sangeetha Kalanidhi T.V.Sankaranarayanan sort of reiterated this with a high energy concert on the evening of December 9,2009 for Karthik Fine Arts at the Narada Gana Sabha. His rendering of the ghana raga kriti “Paripalayamam Swaminatha”(Natta) of Dikshitar was riveting, to say the least, as he improvised it with lovely swaras. “Barayya Venkatramana”(Saveri) was sung with poise. Kamas alapana was absorbing. As he glided into different reaches with consumate ease, his voice had a tranquilizing effect on the listeners. “Seetha Pathe” of Thyagaraja saw him at his innovative best, as he improvised sangatis at “Prema Juchi na pai pedda manasu jesi” and embellished it with kalpana swaras.

A Todi alap by the accompanying singer shone with splendour as he explored its varied hues splendidly. The swaroopa of the raga was out in full as he used his rich voice to fineness. As Sankaranarayanan began rendering Thyagaraja's “Raju Vedale”, the felicity with which he handled this kriti held a lesson or two to all budding artistes. His neraval at “Kaveri Teeramunanu Pavanamagu Rangapurini” was brilliant for some scintilating swara formations. The Mohana alap was exquisite and brought immense joy for a listener. Sankaranarayanan made it richer by sprinkling it with absorbing sangatis and brighas. Ramanujacharyalu followed him neatly with his bow. Papanasam Sivan’s `Kapali' has catchy lyrics. He made the listening joyous exercise with good swara construction and amazing creativity. Evergreen Umayalpuram Sivararaman on mridangam was full of appreciative nods and relished every moment of the concert .Sivaraman and Kanjira artiste Sundarkumar played a percussion duet instead of the normal tani. Sivaraman seemed to have a hold on the instrument, as he played deft strokes in various nadai drawing appreciative applause. “Tirupathi Vasa”(Hamsanandi) was fully of melody. ``Parukulle Nalla Nadu'' of Subramanya Bharathi was rendered with dedicated expression. Sankaranarayanan unleashed a pleasant surprise on the audience as he began rendering “Notes”, made popular by his uncle Madurai Mani Iyer. Sankaranarayanan was enthusiastic throughout. And, he showed no signs of fatigue. And, the concert was full of vitality and vibrancy.