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Yesudoss brings bliss to rasikas
K.J.Yesudoss gave an exhilarating concert for Kartik Fine Arts at Narada Gana Sabha on December 10, 2009. He began the evening with “Sri vinayakam Smarami” in ragam Trilochana Priya. It was a full-house concert. His voice was arresting. Yesudoss, more often than not, makes it a point to offer a range of kritis. Thanks to the variety in his offering, he is able to attract a huge number of not-so-discerning listeners, too, to his concerts. He has the uncanny knack of understanding the pulse of the rasikas. His rasika-friendly approach has ensured that he gets a full house every time he gives a concert. The two-way commitment has resulted in a permanent bonhomie between him and his fans. He is humility-personified. A combination of factors – experience, stature, knowledge, conversational ability and what not – has got him closer the rasikas, who feel perfectly at home in his concerts.

Sometimes, he would get into conversational mood. As he was ready to sing a new kriti, he shared this experience with the audience. Stating that he was scared of water, he narrated an incidence when the ghatam artiste suddenly discovered that his instrument had been broken. A co-artiste played a mischief on him by pouring water into ghatam! Ever since then, Yesudoss said, he was scared of water!

The Ritigaula kriti “Enna Punniyam” of Uthukadu Kavi is his favourite piece. It was sung melodiously. The Denuka alap was crisp and good. “Teliyaleru Rama” of Thyagaraja was very pleasant to listen. Suddha Dhanyasi glowed, as this remarkable musician went into a neat alap. It was delightful to see him traverse the upper octaves with ease and felicity. “Himagiri Tanaye” of Harikesanallur Muthiah Bagavathar was inspiring. Yesudoss always makes it a point to include such compositions in his concerts. These often turn out to be the choice of listeners! Saveri alap was pleasing. He rendered a Thyagaraja kriti “Daridapuleka”, rarely heard in concert-circuits these days. It has nice lyrics. Yesudoss improvised it on “Dayarademi Sri Rama” and decorated it with kalpana swaras.

After “Saraseeruhasana Priye” in Nattai, he gave an elaborate alap in Kharaharapriya.

“Nadachi Nadachi”of Thyagaraja got a lovely treatment. As he beautified it with swaras and gamakas, his musical prowess came into fore. It drew loud claps from the audience. Tani avarthanam between mridangist Prakash and vaikom Gopalakrishnan was riveting. Yesudoss kept the excitement on by singing many tukkada songs. The Kalyani piece, “En Nenjil Palli Kondavan Sri Ranganayakan”, was lovely. It is composed by Salem Eeshwar. A Revati song “Hrdayathil” in Malayalam and a Rama song ``Jankai Jane Rama(Yaman)’’ of Naushad Ali Khan – they went down very well with the audience. He also sang a Surdas song, “Meru”. The ragamilka piece on Sri Guruvayurappan was a treat to listeners. As he began, “Harivarasanam” the audience went delirious and instantly went into clap-mode. Finally, he sang a Narayaneeyam of Bhatadri “Agre Pasyathu” and Yogindranam. Yesudoss sang the verses “Ayush Arogya Sowkyam” in Brindavana Saranga with great devotion. The concert proved a blissful experience for the audience, in the end!