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A musical treat for “Someone Special”!
CHENNAI, November 11: Yet another edition of The Hindu Friday Review November Fest began at the famed Music Academy here on Friday.

The opening concert of this year’s festival was titled ‘Lotus (Carnatic Fusion) and featured Mandolin U. Shrinivas and Prof. Liu Yuening from China. The concert was of top quality. It was a musical dialogue (rather a confluence of musical conversation) between the two instrumentalists, on the one hand, and the percussion artistes, on the other. The over one-and-a-half-hour musical evening proved a perfect treat for the audience, which enjoyed every bit of the musical amalgam that flowed.

“For Someone Special”, a composition scored by Shrinivas, indeed turned out to be a very special one. The Chinese folk music played by the two artistes, Shrinivas and Liu Yuening, went down very well with the audience. Shrinivas was at his effortless best while merging with Liu Yuening in rendering the folk number. If the two were remarkable in their solo presentation, their instruments merged seamlessly to produce aesthetic music that fell ever so nicely into the ears, calming the mind and rejuvenating the body.

The music sounded one, even though the two instrumentalists represented different genres and countries. There was complete synchronization between the two. The percussion artistes were no less engaging. They were splendid while their turn came. Selva Ganesh displayed his musical prowess and ability to engage the audience in a lively way. He produced some rhythmic beats and made them sound conversations. Where were you last night? He posed this question. And, answered this by playing syllables sounding that “I was at The Music Academy concert last night”. They sought to end the evening concert with a composition titled “Lotus”. But the audience wanted more. Out came the beautiful raag “Kathanakuthuhalam” interspersed with rhythmic syllables by Kanjira artiste Selva Ganesh and Tabala artiste Vijay Ghate.

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