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When her music elevates lyrical values
It was a classical recital by Bombay Jayashri on December 27, 2011 for Music Academy. The concert stood out for her interpretation of Varali and Sankarabharanam. Clarity marked Dikshitar’s “Meenakshi Meemudam Dehi”. The diction was perfect. Her controlled improvisations added lustre to the entire exercise. She explored Sankarabharanam in detail and drew a new dimension to the raga with her creative virtuosity. Her delightful rendition of Thyagaraja’s “Swara Raga Sudha Rasa” brought to fore the lyrical values of the composer. Embar Kannan matched the vocalist with his deft bowing. Her RTP (Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi) in Abheri was crisp and impressive for artistic expression. The Pallavi line was “Aravamudhe Yazhin Isaiye Arivin Payane…” set to Kanda jati triputa talam in misra nadai. What followed was a cascade of swaras in ragas such as Behag, Madhuvanti, Sivaranjani, Hamsanandi. She reversed to the main raga in her inimitable style. Taniavarthanam between Satish Kumar on Mridangam and Udupi Sridhar on Ghatam was energetic. Purandaradasa's “Baro Brahmadavandiya” was enticing. She concluded with a Lalgudi tillana in Bagesri. Nada Loludai (Kalyana Vasantha), Jagadamba(Anandabhairavi) and Maravairi Ramani (Nasikabhushani) were rendered with beauty in the early part of the concert. They suited the ambience.

A sublime recital
Her creativity was in full view during her concert for Mylapore Fine Arts on December 24, 2011. Jayashri was all classy in her rendition of Shankari Nive (Begada), Nannu Vidachi (Ritigaula) and Arunodayame (Bowli). Her alapana in Ritigaula and Begada saw her explore the ragas leisurely, decorating them with enchanting sancharas. Thyagaraja’s “Ma Janaki Cheta” (Kambhoji) was sublime. Her Kamboji elaboration was admirable. The beauty was all encompassing, as she explored the raga in depth. The neraval at “Raja Rajavara Rajivaksha Vinu” reiterated the creative talent in her, as she got into a blitzkrieg of scintillating swaras. H.N. Bhaskar followed her with enormous felicity and admiration for the main artiste even as he tried to match her. Taniavarthanam between Satish Kumar on Mridangam and Sridhar on Ghatam saw the two percussionists display attractive laya patterns. The RTP was the crowing glory of the concert. Jayashri chose three ragas - Mandu, Yamuna Kalyani and Durga - to sing the Pallavi. Her exploration of Mandu required special mention. She brought out the myriad shades of the raga. It was indeed a sublime rendition. Her easy transition from one raga to another was a treat to the connoisseurs. She was extremely skillful in singing the Pallavi in all three ragas. The Pallavi line chosen was: “Nada Vadivai Panivom.. Kalai Akum Kalai Uruve Uyir Karuve.” set to Kanda jati triputa tala in Kanda nadai. As she weaved swaras in ragas such as Revati, Madhuvanti, Sivaranjani, Sindhubhairavi et al, she was impressive. She reversed back to the main ragas with consummate ease. If proofs were needed, thunderous claps spoke for her music. Tail-end pieces such as “Enna Tavam (Kapi), Tamadam Tagadayya (Mohana Kalyani) and Tottu Tottu (Behag)” went well with the audience. The curtain came down to the three-hour concert with an absorbing Lalgudi tillana in Vasanti.

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