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An inspiring recital by Prasanna Venkatraman
Date: 31st December 2012
Time: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Kamakoti Hall , Krishna Gana Sabha , T Nagar
Artistes: Prasanna Venkatraman (Vocal), Bombay Anand (Violin), Trivandrum Balaji ( Mrindangam)

CHENNAI, January 1: The final afternoon of 2012 saw an amazing vocal recital by 27-year-old Prasanna Venkatraman at Kamakoti Hall of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. Besides following his passion for music and nurturing his talent, Prasanna, an M.Tech from IIT Chennai, is working with Qualcomm in Chennai.

The concert itself can be termed ``young and inspiring''. Why not? While Violinist Bombay Anand (in his early thirties) is working in an IT company in Singapore, Mridangist Trivandrum Balaji is studying Engineering.

The concert began with Thyagaraja’s “Bhavanuthana Hrydhamuna” in Mohanam Raagam. After a very pleasurable alap in Raagam Lataangi, he rendered “Apparadhamulaniyu”, a composition of Patnam Subramanya Aiyyar. The neraval at Charanam was also very well delivered. This was followed by a beautiful Pada Varnam “Sumasayaka” in raagam Karnataka Kaapi. Prasanna then went on to brilliantly render “Ellam Sivam Seyal” in raagam Vasanta and set to Misra Chaapu taalam. The highlight of the concert was the Raaga Alap in Kedara Gowlai Raagam. This was followed by a touching “Tulasi Bilva Malliga” by Thyagaraja, and a very exciting ``swaram'' treat.

Prasanna followed the traditional style of rendition, ensuring Raaga Alaapanai for almost every song, supported with beautiful Swarams at the end of it. There wasn't a single moment of dullness in the entire concert.

His voice was very pleasant. He sang with absolute joy, and the diction was very clear. And, he brought out the Bhavam (feel) in his songs very well.

Prasanna summed up the evening with “Kannamum Maravaadhe” in Shyaama raagam, and Aranagirinathar’s Thirupugazh “Naadi Thedi” in Bagesri Raagam.

The violin of Bombay Anand was a delight, and it made the concert all the more pleasing. The Thani Avarthanam by Tanjore Praveen Kumar was also well delivered.

On the whole, it can be safely said that these youngsters have a great future ahead of them.

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