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Sudha Ragunathan, a rasika’s artiste
CHENNAI, December 26: Sudha Ragunathan the vocalist will become a Sangitha Kalanidhi on January 1, 2014. Well before the start of her evening concert (on December 22, 2013), chairs were fully occupied at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. And, the Sabha was overflowing with die-hard Sudha fans. Sudha Ragunathan, a senior disciple of MLV, is endowed with great talent and a huge fan following, greeted the audience with a graceful smile. She was enthusiastic throughout, even as people were getting in and trooping out. Photographers were clicking away constantly. Many VIPs leisurely strode into the hall to listen to Sangitha Kalanidhi-designate Sudha. She posed a smile now and then, and steadfastly focused on her concert.

The Keeravani alap was expansive, as she explored the raga with her rich repertoire. Embar Kannan played skillfully, and gave a good support to the main artiste. Sudha took up Tyagaraja’s “Kaligiyunte”. She did a neraval at “Baguga Sri Raghu Ramuni Padamula”, and decorated it with inspiring swaras. There was style in tani avarthanam between Morsing artiste Raman and Mridangist Neyveli Skandha Subramaniam, and the vidwath was apparent. Sudha ‘s alap in Hamsavinodini was rich, as she improvised it with inspiring sancharas. “Sharanam Bhava Karuna mayi Kuru Dinadayalo” of Narayana Tirtha was charmingly presented. She did a RTP (Ragam, tanam and pallavi) in raga Madhyamavathi expansively. Each and every note gained refinement, as she embellished it with adequate gamakas bringing raganubhava to the fore.

Pallavi for the evening was in raga Madhayamavathi “Hare Rama Govinda Murare Mukunda Madhava Sowre”. She rendered swaras in main raga and ragas such as Brindavana Saranga, Valachi, Suddha Danyasi etc with ease and efficiency. Earlier, Sudha began the concert with a Kalyani varnam “Vanajakshi”. This was followed by a Sowrastra kriti “Sri Ganapathi”. Mysore Vasudevachar’s “Bhajare Manasa” (Abheri) was absorbing. “Maninupura Dari” (Nilambari), a Uthukadu Kavi composition, and “Navaneetha Chora” (Senjurutti) were rendered inspiringly. A Divya Prabhanda pasuram “Kondal Vannanai” was followed by “Enna Thavam Seidanai”(Kapi). She wound-up the evening concert with “Brahmaokate” (Bowli) of Annamacharya, eliciting instant claps all around.

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