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When grace and elegance combine
CHENNAI: When he is on stage, he holds court literally. T.V. Sankaranarayanan was at his scintillating best when he gave a recital for the Mylapore Fine Arts Club on December 15, 2013. There wasn’t a single dull moment. There was grace. There was elegance. TVS combined these two to deliver a stepped up satisfaction coefficient for listeners.

The way he handles a concert surely holds a lesson or two to lot of youngsters. His unhurried approach and dedication are worth imitating. When he sing, he often times reminds one of his famous uncle Madurai Mani. Sanakaranarayan’s alap in Latangi was alluring. As he traversed the octaves with aesthetic beauty, he introduced refinement to each and every note. The raga bhava was brought to the fore. Patnam Subramani Iyer’s “Aparadamula” was lilting. Dikshitar’s “Subramanya Rakshitoham” (Suddha Dhanyasi) was inspiring. His Kharaharapriya alapana was fascinating with a complete sketch of the raga with rich sancharas. He took the charanam line to emphasis on the kriti’s rich lyrics as experienced by saint Thyagaraja as “Tana sowkyamu Tanerugaka Yorulakutagu Bhodhana Sukhama” of the kriti “Rama Niyeda” “Sabari Malai vasa”(Mukari) was a good choice for the evening. “Varadarajam upasmahe”(Saranga) of Dikshitar was rendered with devotion. Manodharama sangeetham (Ragam, tanam and pallavi) was skillfully sketched in ragas such as Kamboji and Kamas. TVS’s creativity was controlled. His vidwath was in full flow, however. The chosen pallavi line was: “Parimala Ranga Pathe Maam Pahi”. Behag, Sindhubhairavi et al flowed nicely. Divyaprabandam pasuram “Agalakillen Irayumenru Alarmel Mangai” and “Tirupathi Vasa”(Hamsanandi) were rendered with poise. Last but not the least, Jonpuri kriti of Gopalakrishna Bharathi, a popular hit of Madurai Mani Iyer “Eppavaruvaro”, was presented with gusto. He was accompanied on the Violin by T.K.V. Ramanujacharyulu, who did a fabulous job.

V. Kamalakar Rao on Mridangam and H. Sivaramakrishnan on Ghatam proved a perfect foil for the senior vocalist.

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