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When Ranjani & Gayatri win the mind space ...
On a chilly Christmas winter evening sisters, Ranjani and Gayatri gave one of the best performances at the Music Academy. The Academy was full. The sisters began with Thyagaraja’s “Meru Samana”(Mayamalavagaula). They embellished it with intricate swaras. The neraval at “Kanaka Bhushanamulu Galamuna Shobillu” was telling for its laya construction, making the kriti richer.

Ranjani’s alapana in the rakthi raga Anandabhairavi was a classical blend of harmony and purity of creativity. Shyama Shastri’s “Marivera Gatievvaramma” was pleasingl. A popular kriti of Thyagaraja “Maravairi Ramani” (Nashikabhushani) was appropriately presented. Gayatri’s alapana in Mohanam was alluring. It was aesthetic , and rendered in her inimitable style. Gayatri, endowed with enormous skill, immerses herself into music, and, in the process, puts the rasikas into an eternal experience. Tiruvarur Swaminatha Pillai’s “Jadishwari” was presented with poise. The impressive part of the concert was the Todi composition. They presented an intangible picture of the Todi with impressive manodharma. Todi shone in all its splendour. Thyagaraja’s “Koti Nadulu Dhanushkotilo Nundaga” - which has attractive lyrics - was gracefully presented with sizzling sangatis. The neraval “O manasa Sutiga Shyama Sundaramurthi”, describing Lord Sri Rama’s beauty akin to an emerald hue by the saint composer, was impeccable. H.N. Bhaskar gave a picturesque beauty of the raga in full flow with bountiful sancharas. The sisters selected a dvi raga pallavi (two ragas) and alternated to present the Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi comprising ragas Nayaki and Saranga. Ranjani rendered Saranga with melody and Gayatri took up Nayaki for a fine treatment. They combined well in the RTP phase.

The pallavi line was “Saranganai Ranganai ninai maname Ranganayaki Sametha” set to Chatusra jati Triputa talam in Kanda nadai. The pallavi and tanam were rendered in two ragas. In the kalpanaswara phase, ragas such as Bhoopalam, Devamanohari, Rakesri and a raga which is a combination of Jog and Brindavani followed in a seamless way. The curtain was brought down on the lovely evening with an abhang in raga Lalith “Maje Sakha”. K.V.Prasad on Mridangam gave a rich aural treat with his experience and tactfulness. N.Guruprasad on the Ghatam measured up to the artistes’ expectation.

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