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Redefining concert experience, the
Bombay Jayashri bani
Bombay Jayashri’s concert for Narada Gana Sabha on December 30, 2014 turned exciting as it progressed. She seemed to struggle a bit though in the beginning. But it was just for a short while. When she went in for an expansive alapana in Sankarabharanam, she was at her usual best. “Sankaracharyam” of Subbarama Dikshitar was thrilling. It was a sublime rendering. Her devotion to music is indeed indisputable. She embellished the kriti with remarkable kalpanaswaras. The raga dazzled with splendor, as she beautified it with amazing creativity. “Raga Sudha Rasa” (Andolika) of Thyagaraja, a Patnam Subramanya Iyer’s Varnam in Hamsadwani and Shyama Sastri’s “Sankari Sankuru”(Saveri) were all soothing. Purandaradasa’s “Sakala Graha”(Atana) preceded the much-awaited Ragam Tanam Pallavi (RTP). An important aspect of Jayashri’s concerts has been the enormous focus that is built around the creativity part, especially the RTP.

It is indeed remarkable how she is able to consistently inject a sense of enthusiasm among connoisseurs and even lay rasikas as she gets into pallavi singing. She keeps the rasikas on the edge and in suspense even as she effortlessly glides to different ragas. Many in the audience play a guessing game. And, that is her way of connecting to the rasikas! Often times, she takes up two or three-raga for pallavi. Many young artistes have been inspired by this, and take her as role model to attract more audience. On this evening her pallavi in ragas such as Shanmukhapriya, Sama and Anandhabhairavi (Tri raga) was grand and fascinating. Indeed, she gave a new idiom to these ragas with ease and elegance.

Jayashri’s adeptness in music showed the kind of top class artiste she is, and her studentship under Lalgudi Jayaraman came into full flow. Her pallavi “Shanmukhapriya Janani Shyamala Shivagowri Chidananda Roopini” was set to Tisra Jati Ata talam. She had embedded all the raga names into it with splendid creativity. Embar Kannan’s violin playing was good in parts.

Tulsidas bhajan in Gara “Thumak Chalath Ramachandra” and the thillana in Thilang were rendered enthusiastically as she brought the curtain down to her season 2014. Patri Satish Kumar on Mridangam and Anirudh Athreya on Kanjira gave a good percussion support.

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