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A sumptuous concert
CHENNAI: Class is permanent, it is said. And, T.N.Seshagopalan showed it in full measure as he gave a vocal concert for Sri Parthasarathy Sabha on December 17, 2014. His musical presentation was rich in terms of volume. And, it was a high quality presentation. Despite name and fame, Seshagopalan was extraordinarily simple, and his undying passion for music showed up in whatever he did – be it rendition of kirtanas or raga alapana and swara prayogams. Indeed, simplicity is the hallmark of his musical prowess. Three main ragas - Manji, Kharaharapriya and Varali - stood out on this day for his expansive alapana. Dikshitar’s “Seshachalanayam” in Varali is decorated with Dvitiyakshara prasa and anthya prasas.T.N.Seshagopalan’s rendering of this kriti was exquisite. He embellished the kriti with swaras and neraval at “Aravinda Patra Nayanam Govinda Uraga Sayanam”. Shyama Sastri kriti “Brovavamma Tamasamele”(Manji) was rendered delicately. Thyagaraja’s “Tanavari Tanamuleda”(Begada) was brilliant with kalpanaswaras. Earlier, Seshagopalan presented Sarasadala Nayana (Kamas) at a leisurely phase. This was followed by a Tiruppavai pasuram of Andal “Vaiyathu Vazhvirkaal” (Gaula). This was preceded by” Annavai Puduvai Andal”, a brief description of Andal in Tamil pasuram. Senior Violinist Chandrasekaran followed Seshagopalan with child-like enthusiasm, and encouraged the senior vocalist with liberal `sabashs’! Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar’s “Muvashai Konda Tirumal”(Kharaharapriya) was fascinatingly rendered.

Vaikom Gopalakjrishnan (Ghatam) and Trichur C.Narendran( Mridangam) played a perfect match during the taniavarthanam. Ragamalika of “Nandalala” was followed by a Meera bhajan “Baso More” (Hindolam). He then brought the curtain down with a Thillana in Madhyamavathy.

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