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A delightful convergence
CHENNAI: Jugalbandhi titled “Sangamam” between Pandit Ronu Majumdar and Vidushi Bombay Jayashri on January 24, 2015 for Sankalp, which runs a school for autism kids, held at Sri Mutha Venkata Subba Rao concert Hall, Lady Andal School,Harrington Road,Chetput was a rejuvenating experience. It was a combination of classical and semi-classical music between the jugalbandhi artistes of class - Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri and Hindustani flautist Ronu Majumdar. Accompanying percussion artistes - Mukul Dongre and Atul Raninga – too, held the audience in sway with their solo shows. Other artistes Sumesh Narayanan on Mridangam and Ramdas Pulsule on Tabala played a key role in making the Sangamam a listener’s delight. Ronu Majumdar egged the artistes on to give a solo shows. Ronu Majumdar expressed his happiness to be present in Chennai for the concert. He said he felt like being on a pilgrimage and at temple in Chennai. The concert was a prayer for all, he added.

Ronu Majumdar took command over the show straight away. Using multiple-sized flutes, he displayed his skill over the instruments with melodious playing, which mostly resembled non-classical tunes and compositions. As the show progressed and vocalist Bombay Jayashri joined Ronu Majumdar for a jugalbandhi Sangamam, she commanded the show with her bright, beautiful and sweet voice. Her rendering was sublime. She never for once deviated from the traditional music. Her creativity was in full view. She stole the show with a contemporary grace and elegance that was ever so unique to her. Bombay Jayashri’s response to the flute playing of Ronu Majumdar was brilliant, and marked for brevity and compactness. Her rendering of Thyagaraja’s “Raghunayaka” (Hamsadwani) was exhilarating. Ronu Majumdar replied by playing his own composition, ”Dancing with the wind”. He made his best attempt to match Jayashri as she excelled in her presentation. Bombay Jayashri and Ronu Majumdar made an alap in Pantuvarali and Purya Dhanashree, alternating between singing and flute playing to start with. Later, Bombay Jayashri sang her guru Lalgudi Jayaraman’s varnam in Raga Valcahi “Chalamu Seya”, and Ronu Majumdar played his own composition in Rag Kalavathy. They also combined to sing and play Jansammodini and Natbhairav etc. Bombay Jayashri then took up the Sanskrit sloka “Ksheera Sagara” of Kulasekara in raga Sindhubhiravi and Ronu Majumdar matched her with a Bhairavi rendition. Ronu Majumdar tried to entertain the audience with his `joy music’, sounding like the one in “Bees Saal Baad” movie music, and some of his favourite tunes such as Travellers tales and Blues. Then they combined to render a thillana-tarang in ragas Thilang and Jog, respectively. Finally, Ronu Majumdar wanted to sing “Vaishnava Janato” of Mahatma Gandhi as the time was already running out. It was a fascinating recital, and the show was a distinct one, much to the liking of new generation audience.

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