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Blissful music, blessed artistes - Bombay Jayashri & Abhishek Raghuram create soulful experience for rasikas
CHENNAI, April 19: Bombay Jayashri and Abhishek Raghuram combined to provide a scintillating concert at Kapalishwarar temple here on Tuesday (i.e. April 18). The concert was energetic and mesmerizing. It was quite an hot day but there was pleasant breeze inside the temple. And, the spiritual aroma was wafting gently in the air inside. Even as Lord Kapalishwar and Karpagam welcomed the devotees with benevolent grace, the concert was on at the mantap. Many were having a quiet darshan at the sanctam sanctoram of the temple. Devotees-rasikas were seated to listen to the concert. It was an elevating experience as the two principal artistes in tandem with a team of accompanists including violinists Vittala Ramamurthy and Embar Kannan played soulfully. The percussion artistes comprised Anantha R.Krishnan and Ganapathiram on the mridangam and Ojas Adithya on the tabala. The sound of the instruments reverberated the temple hall and produced an aesthetic experience. It was quite different from rendering in an air-conditioned hall. Surely, the Trinity and others must have composed their kritis with an insight into divinity. In a perfectly coordinated sequence, Bombay Jayashri and Abhishek balanced with ease to render many telling compositions in ragas such as Charukesi with a combination of Thyagaraja kritis (Adamiodi Galade Ramayya), Kalyani (Isha Pahimam) and a few others in Dvijavanti, Kamboji et al (consisting of Tamil compositions).

It was an amalgam of traditional, light classical and melodious singing. The voices of the artistes merged seamlessly as they rendered a medley of Thillanas in different ragas. There was plenty on offer to relish and internalize - favorite renderings of many yesteryear artistes such as M.S. Subbulakshmi, M.L. Vasanthakumari and the maestro Lalgudi Jayaraman, who composed many thillanas. The concert was dedicated to guru Lalgudi Jayaraman and appropriately titled “To Sir, with Love”. Paying `guru vandanam' in front of the Lord! If the artistes were blessed, the rasikas were double-blessed!

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