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Sublime music & tranquil evening
CHENNAI: Academy is not just a stage for performers. The Music Academy is a temple for Carnatic musicians to submit and surrender. Academy is an experience, and an artiste must be blessed to get that. Senior vocalist Bombay Jayashri showcased her best for the season with a delightfully mesmerizing recital at Music Academy on the evening of December 28, 2018.

The way she presented each and every raga or kirtana enhanced the aesthetic stature of the artiste in Jayashri. She makes the concert much more enjoyable by Svanubhava or by experiencing the beauty of the music by herself before making it appealing to others.

At the academy, she began her concert with a varnam of Lalgudi G.Jayaraman “Ento Prema tonu Kori” in Bahudari, and followed it up with “Bagayanayya”(Chandrajyothi) of Saint composer Thyagaraja. There was clarity. There was grace, too. The Bilahari raga exposition was ecstatic, sprinkled as it was with a wide combination of aesthetic nuances, karvais and cadences. “Na Jiva Dhara” (Thyagaraja) gave an elevation to the concert. Todi alapana was serene, and “Ninne Nammitanu” of Shyama Sastri stood out for rich swaras and exquisite music. Violinist H.N. Bhaskar sketched out a refined solo interpretation. Her Dikshitar version of “Santanagopalam Upasmahe”(Kamas) was impressive. Her RTP in raga Hamsanandi, as usual, brought a sense of instant connect with the discerning audience. The Pallavi was set to Adi talam (2 kalai). “Va Guha Muruga Shanmukha Undan Padame Tunai” was the Pallavi line. Jayashri made the Pallavi-singing an interestingly enjoyable constituent of the concert with a combination of ragas such as Kapi, Valachi, Darbari Kanada and the like. If “Mamani Vannanai Shyamala Rupanai” was sweet, and the Lalgudi Jayaraman’s Thillana in raga “Pahadi” was classy.

B.S. Purushotham on Kanjira and Patri Satish Kumar on the Mridangam combined on the percussion front to make the concert an enriching experience. A sublime music made for a tranquil evening.

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